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Our founder - Peggy         

The key to success is an experienced leader at the top. Peggy, the founder of Speedy Recovery, has been involved with automotive industry since 1976. Starting by working for a major automotive financial corporation, she has managed or owned a collateral recovery company since 1980. Her experience and ability to understand the clients’ individual needs makes Speedy Recovery unique.

With highly experienced people in every position Speedy Recovery can boast over 150 years of experience in the repossession industry within their management team. All of our key personnel have been with us for over ten years.

Accounting Manager – Michelle
Michelle is the co-founder of Speedy Recovery; she is also Peggy’s sister. Michelle graduated from CCSN with a BS in Accounting and she handles our financials. She first worked in recovery in 1984 and has managed our accounting department since the very beginning. While she would rather be on the ski slope? When it is money we need to talk about we go to Michelle.

Office Manager – Kathy

Kathy began her career in banking and collections in 1979 and has worked her way through various positions at the company since 1997. Kathy has thirty one years experience in finance services altogether. If there is a problem and it needs fixing now? Kathy is the person to see.

Field manager – Rudy

Rudy started repossessing in 1992 in Florida. He has over 18 years of field recovery experience and has been with us since 1996. When there is a question about how to proceed in the field – we call Rudy.

Operations – Sandy

Sandy joined us when she was fresh out of high school at the age of 18. Starting in lot operations she has been with us in various capacities for ten years. There is no job in the office Sandy has not done at one time or another, but today? To find out who can do that rush - and how fast? Just ask Sandy.

Locksmith/Lot/Transport Manager – Larry

Larry has worked for us as a field repossessor, locksmith, field manager, transport coordinator, and occasionally as our hydraulic mechanic. Larry currently handles all our lot operations including locksmithing, vehicle releases, property storage and redemption. Starting in towing Larry has worked in the recovery business for 19 years and has been with us since our company was founded. Where is that car and are the keys made? Larry knows.

Client Services – Vicki

Vicki came to work for us in 1996 and has worked in various office positions since that time. Tracking the work flow and managing the field investigations, surveillance and skip work is her area of responsibility within our company. When are we going to attempt contact again? Speak to Vicki.

Skip Tracer – Breeze

Breeze started in recovery as locksmith/repossessor in 1979. After setting up our initial lock shop, she came to work for us as a full time employee to do field investigations in 1997. She was instrumental in setting up our in-house skip trace services but still goes back into the field today to train our field investigators. Need to find that skip? Work with Breeze.