Speedy Recovery


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PO Box 335037

N. Las Vegas, NV



Phone: (800) 285-7376

Fax:  (702) 632-0714





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NV License #654


* Voluntary and Involuntary Recovery

With a fleet of vehicles including repo trucks, separate field investigative units and three roll back flat beds, we service the entire state of Nevada, Western Arizona, and Southwestern Utah.


* Specialty Repos
Heavy equipment or ATV’s – we do it all. We recover semi-trailer trucks, trailers, dump trucks, tow trucks, cranes, forklifts, boats, recreational vehicles, campers, and even office equipment. If you finance it and need it recovered – ask us.



* Surveillance
We have dedicated field investigators and surveillance personnel.

* Impounds
Speedy can service your bailout/impound throughout Nevada. We have the ability to pay your liens or fees and recover your collateral quickly.

* National Skip Tracing
We have the staff and resources to locate and recover skips nationwide. Upon request we will locate your customer and assign the recovery to a local bonded licensed agent.

* Locksmithing
We have dedicated locksmiths and cutting edge technology with the ability to service even the latest model vehicles.



* Transportation
We will deliver your unit to local auctions or arrange transportation for you nationwide.

* Storage
Our secure storage lot is over two acres and is fully paved, well-lit, alarmed, and double gated. We also offer on-site cargo containers and interior storage for property and/or specialty needs.



* License Plate Recognition
The use of cutting edge technology is part of what sets us apart from the rest. Plate recognition cameras coupled with real-time data uploads allow us to capture digital location data from our field units and transfer it immediately. Our relationship with MV TRAC ensures the data will be processed, archived and cross referenced allowing us to complete assignments in fraud detection and asset recovery.

* Remarketing/Liquidation

We can arrange for competitive bids, handle the sale, and send you the net proceeds saving you money and time.

Our Promise and Guarantee
Our goal is to provide a level of service that exceeds customer expectations. If we fall short of our goal we want to know about it. Just tell us your concern and we will address it. It is as simple as a phone call.